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What is Missions? – REgen`18

What is missions? This is a question that 50 years ago would have gotten a very clear response, but now could get any number of replies. It’s feeding the hungry, isn’t it? It’s helping the less fortunate isn’t it? Oh yeah, I’ve done missions, we visited an orphanage in Guatemala, and the year before we […]

What is Church? – REgen`18

What is the church? Quite simply the church is the community of Christians. Literally, the New Testament word for church constitutes a gathering or an assembly of people, but during the New Testament it began to be used in the Christian sense of those who are one in Jesus Christ. The church and Christ go […]

What is Leadership? – REgen`18

Leading with Character & Courage The world is desperately in need of Christian leaders who lead with character and with courage. Churches that make a spiritual difference have leaders who are role models in Christian virtue and godly character. Tragically, many churches worldwide have leaders who lack moral integrity and fail to proclaim and protect […]

What is Preaching? – REgen`18

Simply put, it is an act of worship where the truth of Scripture is transmitted to the heart and mind of the hearer. As strange as it may sound, there is a desperate need for a return to biblical preaching. Here are three requirements of biblical preaching: I. Preaching Must Have Priority Too often, the […]