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Blog Buffet (Aug 1)

Sorry for the delay in delivering this Blog Buffet, life continues to rush by.  Nevertheless, here is a round up of some of the articles that I’ve been reading lately. I read a number of articles on the topic of Eugene Person’s (author of The Message) view on so called same-sex marriage. LifeWay Prepared to Stop […]

Blog Buffet (July 6)

Here’s my weekly round-up of worthwhile reads. I read quite a bit from The Gospel Coalition this week, as you can see: Trump Administration to Teachers: You Must Use a Transgender Student’s “Preferred Pronouns” “While the activists (backed by the government) can’t force person to deny the reality that a boy is not a girl […]


What have I been reading lately?  Well, apart from the articles below and keeping up with my 2017 reading plan, I’ve recently read through The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr Robert E. Coleman and am now working my way through The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts by Douglas Bond.  I’ve enjoyed both books thoroughly and recommend you pick […]

Blog Buffet (June 9)

Exist: The Movie This movie looks interesting.  If it’s anything like “180” – I’m sure it’ll be great! The Dark Side of Small Group “They stand in the heat of battle and cry, “Shoot your pistol!” “Aim your rifle!” “Win the battle!” Children playing with squirt guns talk this way; men at war do not.” […]

Blog Buffet (May 25)

The New City Catechism Ever wanted to learn some basic theology in an easy and understandable way?  Why not start here.  Q&A’s are fun – and this one is also profitable for your soul. If I Have Enough Faith, Will God Heal Me? A great discussion on this topic, with an even better video at […]

Blog Buffet (May 4)

What Were You Made To Live For “What were you and I originally intended to live for?”  This brief article has some helpful thoughts The Insanity of the Left’s Transgender Children Agenda The “Left” continues to amaze me… ‘The Shack’ Movie Review – Heresy, Universalism, & False Gospel “Paul Young has taken accountability, justice, and […]

Blog Buffet (April 10)

Why our churches need more gray hair “The world puts the old people on the shelf and the young people on the podium. But it really should be the other way around.” Read the article to find why this is. Do the red letters “count” more than the rest? Ever wondered what part of the […]