The Intolerance of Intolerance

For a society that hates labels, we sure use a lot.  While reading this one list, I counted at least ninety plus labels to use for someones sexual identity or their attraction.  It’s an astounding contradiction that our society basks in currently.  On the one hand, they hate labels; it is intolerant to put someone into a “box”.  On the other hand, they have crafted nearly a hundred different kinds of labels that they can align with.

Our society doesn’t stop there either.  They don’t try to hide the disconnect within their worldview.  Instead, they rejoice in its absurdity.  One author goes so far as to write “With identity terms, trust the person who is using the term and their definition of it above any dictionary.”

If you consider this sentence seriously you quickly see how senseless it is.  It makes everything in this discussion subjective.  It removes any reason or purpose for the conversation.  The only point that remains is to find out a particular person’s opinion, but that itself is subjective to change.   Moreover, why must I trust that particular person instead of the person who put the definition of the term in the dictionary in the first place?  What elevates one individual above the other?  The answer, according to the world, it depends solely upon the particular person you are talking to at a particular time.  So, in essence, the answer only lasts as long as the conversation.

Not only are labels a big thing (while simultaneously being taboo) at the moment.  Wartime labels are also in.
You may be thinking “Huh?” at this point.  However, if you take a survey of current literature, you’ll notice the word “Ally” being used for those who support the LGBT movement.  This Word, according to the Oxford Dictionary primarily means:  ally

You don’t have to wonder too long as to why they would use these type of labels.  In the world’s mind, they’re at war with the dreaded enemy of “intolerance”.  Their battle cry: “be intolerant of intolerance“.  What type of intolerance are they primarily taking aim at?  The intolerance of Christians.  If your view is not the popular view it is now “tolerant” to be “intolerant” of it.  Sounds logical right?  No.

If there is any call to action from these thoughts it is a reminder to be ever prayerful for our society.  They are not our enemy, but our enemy has sure blinded their eyes to the glory of the Gospel.  And, it seems, to common sense and logic.


Articles and links that got me pondering me this:




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