Blog Buffet (Nov 9)

Here’s another roundup of worthy articles to read:

  • It’s the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!
    Here’s a helpful breakdown of what many are celebrating this Reformation Day.
  • Here We Stand
    “There is an infinite chasm between the authority of Scripture and the authority of Scripture alone.”  I have been enjoying reading many of the articles coming out due to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

    • Sola Scriptura – on the topic of Luther and Sola Scriptura here is a message by the author of the above article highlighting the importance of preaching.
  • Shake It Off?
    In its proper context, secular music has a lot of merit: we’re created in the image of a creative God, and music can often express this creativity without being explicitly about God. But these songs rarely raise our affections for God.”
  • Ending the Game of Thrones Wars
    It’s easy to become a hypocrite in this world… here’s a helpful article to check our hypocrisy when it comes to TV & what shows we watch.
  • Sola Scriptura Demands Inerrancy
    How do we respond when people saying things like: “So what if everything in the Bible isn’t true and reliable or from God? That doesn’t really matter. The Bible still remains an authority in my life.”
  • Why Are You Friends with Your Friends?
    “Are you friends with your friends for the sake of your friends? Or are you friends with your friends for the sake of yourself?”  If you’re anything like, you probably haven’t considered this question enough.  But, it is worth thinking through.  
  • Winning One Another
    Speaking of friendships, it would be a blessing if we could all aspire to be friends of this quality.
  • Four stages of “evangelical” affirmation of gay marriage
    Every wandered how you get from “opposing” so called gay marriage to “supporting” it; and then finally to “vilifying” anyone who opposes it.



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