Blog Buffet (Sep 5)

This may be a larger Buffet than usual, seeing as I haven’t shared one since the start of August.  However, I have categorized the articles to help you sort through the many recommended readings.

The Nashville Statement & Surrounding Topics

Also, a great book that I have recently finished reading on this topic is Transforming Homosexuality.

Cults & What They Believe

It is important that we know what others believer so that we are able to understand them and interact with them.


  • When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark
    John Piper answers a thoughtful question on worship songs and what we should, or shouldn’t be signing.
    “there is no reason for any church to sing songs that are misleading or even questionable.” 
  • Stop Photobombing Jesus
    It’s as if he was writing this directly about me.
    “If you can’t be just as joyful back here where no one can see you as you would be out there where everyone can see you, then you are seeking your glory, not mine.”
  • The real story of the “Miracle of Dunkirk”
    I recently watched Dunkirk and thought it was probably the best movie I’ve watched this year.  So, to be able to read this and see God’s hand working through it all makes it all the more enjoyable.
  • Shai Linne: Dear CHH
    Shai Linne writes a great article on the controversy his recent album stirred.
    “My point is that we must not allow a godless culture to dictate what Christians do in that culture. This is one of the reasons I addressed the issue of sinful boasting by Christian rappers. I know that’s what the culture does. I get it. I’m from the culture. But if Jeremiah 9:23-24 is in the Bible, we must put God’s Word before the culture.”
  • Defending Young Earth Creation
    A brief article with two important points to  consider on the matter.
  • Infographic: How Is Your Phone Changing You?
    Who doesn’t like pictures?  Especially when they can teach you something valuable…
  • Defending Young Earth Creation
    A brief article with two important points on the issue.



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