Blog Buffet (Aug 1)

Sorry for the delay in delivering this Blog Buffet, life continues to rush by.  Nevertheless, here is a round up of some of the articles that I’ve been reading lately.

I read a number of articles on the topic of Eugene Person’s (author of The Message) view on so called same-sex marriage.

Ben Mack: An immigrant’s guide to Kiwi slang
For something lighter – have a read over my funny accent.

Her dilemma: Do I let my employer microchip me?
This is scaring.  Yet, exciting.  At any rate, it shows that the world we live in is an ever changing world and Christians need to keep up to date to be able to answer moral questions that will arise from new inventions like this.

After Careful Five-Minute-Long Study, Woman Concludes Bible Supports Her Position
While we’re on the light stuff, Babylonbee continues to bring the laughs.

The Dillahunty Dodge
Apologetic’s just get’s your head spinning!  Doesn’t it?

Why I Am Not Continuationist
I love Tim Challies, and this article is no different; always a good read.

Every Book of the Bible in One Word
Last on the list is the great summary of every book (and some themes) of the Bible in just one word!  If there were one article I’d tell you to read from the list – it’d be this one.


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