Blog Buffet (May 25)

The New City Catechism
Ever wanted to learn some basic theology in an easy and understandable way?  Why not start here.  Q&A’s are fun – and this one is also profitable for your soul.

If I Have Enough Faith, Will God Heal Me?
A great discussion on this topic, with an even better video at the end.
“God can and sometimes does heal presently, and we should celebrate His mercy. I have often prayed for healing and sometimes witnessed it. But ultimately, all healing in this world is temporary, since people’s bodies inevitably deteriorate and die. Resurrection healing will be permanent. For that our hearts should overflow with praise to our gracious God.”

Tim Keller on How to Forgive
A great little reminder on how to forgive others.

The Bee Explains: What Is The Prosperity Gospel?
The Babylon Bee explains the wickedness of the Prosperity Gospel with humor.

John Piper ~ Prosperity Gospel
Meanwhile, John Piper goes to town on why he hates the “Prosperity Gospel”.

Study: Generational Gap in Determining Morality
“There’s been a significant shift in Western thinking from absolute morality, grounded in God and his Word, to relative morality where morality is based in human opinion and therefore can, and does, change.”

What Did Christ Believe About The Atonement?
I’m looking forward to this series “profound theology accessible” and when he further summarizes this book and it’s ideas.



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