Blog Buffet (May 4)

What Were You Made To Live For
“What were you and I originally intended to live for?”  This brief article has some helpful thoughts

The Insanity of the Left’s Transgender Children Agenda
The “Left” continues to amaze me…

‘The Shack’ Movie Review – Heresy, Universalism, & False Gospel
“Paul Young has taken accountability, justice, and the true nature of God away and replaced it with something more palatable.  The Shack is an excellent concept for a film, has a great story line, and even brought me to tears during a scene.  It brings me a certain level of sadness because I see the huge potential in this story, but theologically it is too far off base to be manageable.”

At Denver’s International Church Of Cannabis, Prophets Aren’t The Point
“These days there’s a spiritual hunger that Mahan believes is driven partly by the digital age. He said that makes religious identities, like at Denver’s new cannabis church, more fluid.”  This is a bizarre article, but at the very least, it shows us that people are still open to the idea of “religion”.

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about this show.  Both positive and negative.  However, when I heard people describe it there was always one thing that I felt – uncomfortable.  It just didn’t sound like a show that I would like.  Well, through my reading habits I stumbled upon this article and thought others may like to also consider this perspective.

It is never right to be angry at God. Ever.
A Few years ago, I recall having a conversation where a man told me that he was “angry at God”.  I wish I had this article to read back then so I could have responded better.  I believe what is written here, I just didn’t know how to voice it.  Hopefully, now I do.

Infographic: For the Glory of the Lord
This is a crazy comparison!  And, a great way to be able to visually see God’s glory in this moment of history.

Do We All Believe the Same Thing?
Do all religions essentially believe the same things?  R.C Sproul helps us here.

“If My People, Who Are Called by My Name, Will Humble Themselves and Pray…”
A great little step-by-step of how to interpret the Bible accurately.

And, finally, I apologise for my tardiness in posting.  It has been a busy time at camp and in my personal life.  But, my writings on Ephesians will begin next week.



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