Blog Buffet (April 10)

Why our churches need more gray hair
“The world puts the old people on the shelf and the young people on the podium. But it really should be the other way around.” Read the article to find why this is.

Do the red letters “count” more than the rest?
Ever wondered what part of the Bible is “most important”?  This brief article helps explain.

Reflections on Rapid Bible Reading
I enjoyed these thoughts on rapidly reading the Bible.  I may have to consider doing a reading plan like this sometime soon.

Writing Worship Music with AI – Recurrent Neural Networks
Ever wondered what a computer generated worship song would sound like?  Well, here it is.

Mike Pence, Marriage-Preserver, Is What Ails America
Mike Pence has recently been hounded for wanting to protect his marriage.  I think there is wisdom in what he does and we could all learn from it.

The Key to Happiness Is More Stuff . . . Right?
“…the presence of stuff or the lack of stuff are circumstances. They’re external. They actually can’t get inside and change the heart. Whether you have a lot or you have a little, that doesn’t really move the needle for the bottom line of contentment.”

Texas grapples with transgender wrestler’s case
More problems for Transgenderism.

Does Dating Prepare Us for Marriage — or Divorce?
“We put too much of ourselves at risk in dating to donate our hearts to someone’s romantic experiment.”  Some good thoughts to consider here.

America’s unhealthy obsession with productivity is driving its biggest new reading trend
“[Audio] gives us the opportunity to take time that would be dead time and make it into time that’s useful,” – I’m one of these people.  I love being able to listen to books whenever and wherever I like.

3 Reasons Why Preaching Is Not Casual
I loved reading this!  Preaching is serious business and we need to remember that.

Skeleton Of Preacher Still Waiting For One More Person To Come Forward Discovered
If there is any article you should read this week, let it be this one.


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