Ephesians 1, What’s to Come

I once read a story where a drill serjeant barked out an order to a bunch of recruits: “All you blockheads, get moving!” They all obeyed, except one. Angered, by the seemingly deliberate defiance by this young soldier. The serjeant marched up to him and snarled, “Well?” The young recruit replied, “there sure were a lot of them, wasn’t there Sir!”

I don’t know what happened to that recruit, but at any rate, he helps us learn a lesson. Sometimes, we need to think of ourselves differently than others do. And, for the Christian, this light is both positive and negative.

Both of these “lights” are on display in Ephesians. And, hopefully, as we read through Ephesians we will be able to look into some of these.

But, before we get straight into it, I’ll briefly break down what I’ve already noted from Chapter 1 of Ephesians. Lord willing, I’ll be expanding on a few of these ideas in the days to come as there is simply so much that we can learn from this Epistle.  So, this really is just a taste of what’s to come.

  • 1:1-3 – The introduction; in this, we find that this epistle was written by the Apostle Paul and was sent to the “faithful” believers in Ephesus.
  • 1:3 – What does it mean to be blessed with “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places”?
  • 1:4 – God chose us (Christians) before the foundation of the world.
  • 1:5 – God adopted us (Christians).
  • 1:6 – This verse gives us the reason for what happened in the previous verses (I.e. God’s choosing and adopting of Christians), which is “To the Praise of the Glory of His Grace”.
  • 1:77 – We (Christians) have redemption and forgiveness through Christ.
  • 1:11 – We (Christians) have an inheritance. What does it mean to have an inheritance? And, what does “predestination” have to do with it?
  • 1:13 – We (Christians) have been sealed by the Spirit.
  • 1:15 – “for this reason…” What reason is Paul talking about here? What paragraph is this sentence connected to? The one that preceded it, or, the one that follows it?
  • 1:22-23 – These verses teach us that Christ is the head of the Church. (Which, flies in the face of the Roman Catholic Church and the “Pope”!)

As you can see, a lot is going on in this short chapter. As I said before, hopefully over the days to come, I will have written more on some of the verses, thoughts and my questions and answers.

Ephesians is a great book, and so I’m looking forward to digging deeper into it. I hope you’ll stick around and join me for it. Ask some questions, and I’ll see if I can answer them with future posts.


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