Blog Buffet (March 9)

Another selection of articles that I’ve appreciated reading recently.

The Creative Arts Director
I enjoyed this story from Tim Challies about his encounter with a pragmatic worship leader.

Expository Preaching—The Antidote to Anemic Worship
While Challies mainly spoke of the issues with pragmatic practices, Mohler points us to the solution.

The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying
“Let’s retire this phrase immediately, and say what we really mean to say instead.”

If Your Right Hand Causes You to Sin
“Denying the body’s cravings can develop greater surrender to the control of the Spirit.”

Shai Linne: Are Chance the Rapper & ‘Coloring Book’ Christian hip-hop?
A lot of noise has been made about Chance the Rapper, especially since he won three Grammy’s.  Shai Linne has a great piece on the topic.

Tim Keller Speaks at Google
It’s always nice to see a godly man speak in a public setting – in front of Google no less!

The Two Things We Must Say Abot the Transgender Debate
“The ideas bandied about in the public square are often ridiculous. The people struggling with gender identity are not.” – Kevin DeYoung does a great job tackling the issues at hand.  Make sure you read the whole article so you get both points.

What Does ‘The Shack’ Say About Your Pain?
I really enjoyed this article on the recently released movie (based upon the best-selling book) “The Shack”.

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