2017 Reading Plan

It’s often said, “those who fail to plan; plan to fail” and I’ve been one planning to fail for two years now.  My Bible reading has been sporadic at best.
Recently, I’ve been using an App on my phone to try to stay up to date with my readings. But, in the mornings I usually open the Facebook app rather than my Bible App.  Needless to say, this hasn’t been very useful in helping me achieve my spiritual discipline of daily Bible Reading.

Well, with the new year already well underway, I aim to change my haphazard ways.
My start date is today, and I’ve started on my schedule already.
Why the late start?  Firstly, January is a very busy time of year for me at camp.  This makes me treat the first day of February like you treat the first day of January.  Secondly, I’ve been tossing and turning on what plan to use. But, I’ve finally decided and committed to a reading plan.  This is a 5 Day Bible Reading Program that helps you read the entire Bible in a year.  Plus, “you only have to read five times a week, not every day”.  This will help you build familiarity with God’s Word while also giving you enough time to take it all in.

I plan on reading Tuesday – Saturday.  Leaving Sunday free to prepare for corporate worship and Monday for revision, or for catching up on any missed days.  If you’d like to use the same plan, head to the page Bible Reading Plan and decide on how you’d like to use it.

Finally, I’ll leave you with these words from the authors of the programme:
“God’s blessings rest with those who will read, understand, and live by His Word. May this guide help you to that noble end. ‘Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path’ (Psalms 119:105).”



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