The first post is always the simplest.
I just tell you why this site exists and why you should visit it and use it. exists to promote the glory of God through blog posts encouraging young readers to be committed to reading the Scriptures and to believing the truth that is found within them. Part of believing the Scriptures means having a uniquely biblical worldview. So, another part of this site will be devoted to providing a place where you can keep up-to-date with current world events and find some “uniquely biblical worldview” perspectives from either myself, or other authors.

In all this, the aim is to make it as easy as possible. So, as you can see, in the top right there is a tab called “Bible Reading Plan”. Click on that, and you can download the same Bible reading plan as I am going through and follow along with me. Or, if you would rather, you will be able to find previous plans that you can do at your leisure.
With the current plan, every few days I will post some thoughts on the passages and verses we’ve been going through. On these posts is where you will be able to interact. Please comment your thoughts and questions so we can all learn and grow as we study God’s Word together.

As to keeping up with world events, now and then, I will post about topics or link to other great articles dealing with them. These will generally be “hot topics” and may be controversial. Disagreements may arise. Arguments may erupt. Feelings may be hurt. But Lord willing, the Word of God will be opened, examined, and considered. Through it all, the aim is that our thinking will be more aligned with God’s Word.

Simple, right?
Now to work.


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